Epic Road Trips for Newlyweds: Routes That Bond

Whether it is love or arranged, marriage is marriage, and honeymoon is the best experience for every couple. They look for the best Honeymoon Destinations and can also opt for road trips for newlyweds. There are some International Honeymoon Places to visit in June as well and If you and your partner are travel freaks, then a road trip is your best choice. Let’s find the best road trips for newlyweds to strengthen your bond.

  1. California’s Pacific Coast Highway: 

Suppose you are on an international trip for your honeymoon. In that case, you can go on the best road trip on America’s Pacific Coast Highway. On this road trip, you will take a route from Monterey to California and get the best view of the coastal line. This will be one of the best road trips for newlyweds, as you will spend your time at wineries, great food spots, redwood forests, and countless beaches in the city. 

  1. The Blue Ridge Parkway: 

You will find the Blue Ridge Parkway from Virginia to North Carolina. On this road trip, you will travel through the enchanting views of mountains and valleys. You can start your trip from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia and take its way through the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. Here, you can go on hiking trails and taste delicious local cuisines. The most romantic part is you can gaze at those stars from a mountain cabin with your favourite person. 

  1. Australia’s Great Ocean Road

Looking for a location for the best road trips for newlyweds in Australia. Then, remember the Great Ocean Road of Australia. This roadway stretches on the coastline of Victoria, and it is a paradise for nature-loving newlyweds. The Great Ocean Road will take you through beautiful rainforests, beaches, and clifftops. On this road trip, you will see the Twelve Apostles, an iconic landmark of Australia.

  1. Ring Road Of Iceland

Ring Road is one of the best places that you can choose to go on a road trip with your partner. If you and your partner are interested in observing natural beauty, this place will not disappoint you. You will get to see those stunning views of glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, hot springs, and black sand beaches, and if you get so lucky, you can see those puffins. Activities that you can take part in during this Iceland road trip are glacier hiking and exploring volcanic caves. The best time to visit on this road trip is during the summer since the weather is mild and the days are a bit longer.

  1. Lake District Of U.K. 

The Lake District of the United Kingdom is one of the romantic places you can visit with your partner, as this place is home to beautiful lakes and huge mountains. Here, you can go on nature trails and walk through those quaint villages. The area has famous spots such as Lake District Loop, Ambleside, Glenridding, Kirkstone Pass, Honister Pass, and Buttermere. Apart from this, couples can spend their time on the deserted beaches of the U.K. The best time to visit the Lake District is in the summer, as the climate is milder, and you can do activities such as hiking and biking in this weather. 

  1. Scotland’s North Coast

Another best destination for road trips for newlyweds is the North Coast of Scotland. This is a 500-mile route that will take you through Cairngorms National Park and the famous lochs and castles of Scotland, and your road trip ends on John o’Groats. 

On this road trip, you will experience the views of mountains, beaches, and fishing villages. There are various spots and activities that you can do on this road trip, such as hiking and trekking. If you are lucky, you will get a chance to taste their traditional whiskey. 

  1. South Africa’s Garden Route

One of the most beautiful road trips you can choose is the Garden Route of South Africa. This route is a 300 km stretch with the coastline of South Africa. This road trip will start from Cape Town and end in Port Elizabeth, passing through the Garden Route National Park. You will get stunning views of the sea coast, forests, and mountains, and you can take a break on the countless beaches in between. There are plenty of activities that you can do on this journey, such as hiking, exploring caves, sighting whales, etc. The best time to go on this road trip is in the summer, as the weather is warm enough to keep you comfortable. 


From California’s Pacific Coast Highway to South Africa’s Garden Route, from Australia’s Great Ocean Road to Ring Road of Iceland, we tried to cover the best romantic and couple-friendly road trips you can opt for. Now it’s time to pack your bag, book your tickets, and go on a lovely road trip with your adorable partner. 

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